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Here at TransCanadaTrucks.com we strive to Preserve A Culture of the Past – Present & incoming Generations. We have developed over the Years into the Leaders of Classic Trucks . Started Out from Love & passion , Developing into a Mega collection enabling our wide community of Classic Lovers  

Collect – Preserve – Restore

Our Exclusive Collection has been growing for Many Years. We specialize in Preserving  Historic Models of History to Pass down & Educate our youth 

We Offer Many Options of Restorations – Rebuilds –  Finish your Unfinished Projects with Our Legendary Builders & Fabricators  


Our Collection is mostly Saskatchewan Born, Built , Driven Trucks 

one of the only places where you can be sure it has NEVER been driven in salty roads! Providing Our Friends with top quality Oldies 

Core values

Integrity, quality service, teamwork, transparency, commitment, accountability, and trust

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